About Us - Principal's Message

Educational institutions are a plenty, all of which impart learning, but it is our prayer that our students go out in the world with strength, not only to reach and excel in their professions and aspirations, but to remain beautiful human beings.  A school is always a world in miniature, where one receives training for life, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place.  It is here that we being to learn, our lessons of life to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure, and rejoice at victory and triumph.  Army Goodwill School, Behibagh is a symbol of progressive and quality education.  Our motto is to Learn, Achieve and Inspire capture the essence of our spirit.  In our school, children gain all round education and achieve their potential not just in the academic field but also in the field of sports and games. Most importantly, at the school we are team of dedicated teachers, and staff committed to the welfare of the children in our care.  For us teaching is a passion and calling the importance of instilling good values in our students is our prime objective, as Ralph Waldo, Emerson has so aptly said, “ what lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us.”


(Principal Mr Mohd Shafi)